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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Redhill Reformatory Emigrants to Natal/South Africa - Part 2 N - W

Continuing the list of Redhill emigrants; see yesterday's post on this blog for the first portion of the list.

Facts in this order - Birth/Admitted to School/emigration date (if known):

37. Nalder Francis 20.10.1858/30.1.1874
38. Oliver Isaac 7.11.1840/20.6.1852
39. Parratt John  1866/17.12.1879/to S Africa 27.8.1884 Tartar
40. Paul John 1868/10.9.1881/to S Africa 24.7.1884 Garth Castle
41. Pilcher William Edward 1867/11.7.1879/to S Africa 24.7.1884 Garth Castle
42. Porter Edward 1863 (Battle, Sussex)/21.7.1879/to Natal 28.6.1884 Mexican
43. Porter Horace 1868 (Battle, Sussex)/21 7 1879/to Natal 28.6.1884 Mexican
44. Pulford William 25.2.1840/5.4.1854
45. Pritty John 1845/25.8.1860
46. Quin George 1847/13.5.1861
47. Rayner Samuel 1866/13.9.1881/to S Africa 27.8.1884 Tartar
48. Reed James 15.4.1840/13.4.1854
49. Reeves William Henry 11.1.1844/13.10.1858
50. Rowe John 30.3.1840/7.3.1854
51. Shackleford Edward 1845/14.12.1858
52. Shaw John (Wm Thos) 13.2.1874 (Kilburn, Middx)/26.1.1889
53. Shorter George Henry 17.9.1865 (Hadlow, Kent)/8.7.1880/to S Africa 27.5.1884 Hawarden Castle
54. Sinmer (real name Limmer) Charles Arthur 1862/29.6.1875
55. Smith Charles W 1840/23.2.1852
56. Smith (real name Saundaycock) George 26.1.1859/27.4.1874
57. Smith John George 1845/2.2.1860
58. Stammers Christopher James 10.8.1865 (Sible Hedingham, Essex)/7.3.1881/to Natal 11.4.1884 Drummond Castle
59. Swan Charles 1868 (Watford, Herts)/9.8.1879/to S Africa 24.7.1884 Garth Castle
60. Swift William 25.12.1865 (Nottingham)/3.7.1879/to Natal 28.6.1884 Mexican
61. Thomas William Edward 1.11.1866 (St Leonards, Sussex)/14.8.1880/to Natal 24.7.1884 Garth Castle
62. Titley Joseph 25.12.1842/8.9.1857/to Natal Aries
63. Ware William 1866 (Bridgwater, Somerset)/23.5.1879/to S Africa 27.5.1884 Hawarden Castle
64. Waugh James 16.12.1841/18.12.1852
65. Webb Edward 1842/13.2.1854
66. Weldon alias Williams Peter 1841/3.1.1854
67. Williams (real name Jenkinson) Robert (real name Peter) 1843/15.6.1857/to Natal Aries
68. Williams (right name Warren) Henry (right name John) 2.4.1844/16.1.1860/to Natal Dudbrook
69. Willis alias Lloyd John alias George 1841/20.6.1854
70. Wood George Thomas 13.6.1864 (Chatham, Kent)/8.11.1879/to S Africa 27.8.1884 Tartar

Researcher Peter Bathe would like to hear from any descendants of the Redhill emigrants, or from anyone with an interest in the topic, and can be contacted at p[dot]bathe[at]hotmail[dot]com

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Redhill Reformatory emigrants Natal/South Africa – Part 1 A-M

Rather than ship troublesome boys straight to the colonies, the British Government worked with various charities, including the Philanthropic Society, to train boys, mostly in farming work but also as blacksmiths and carpenters, etc, and then selected the most suitable for immigration to Canada, Australia and South Africa.

The Philanthropic Society’s Farm School was at Redhill in Surrey. The boys would spend between three and five years at the school (depending on the term of their original sentence) before they sailed to the colonies.

In the second half of the 19th century, the Society sent some 70 boys to South Africa, most going to Natal.

By combining the records of the Farm School, data from the British census, and the records published so far as part of the eGGSA Passenger Project, it has been possible to collate some information about these immigrants, which is presented here in two parts – boys with surnames beginning A to M and those from L to Z.

The boys are listed alphabetically by surname, followed by two key dates – a date of birth and the date the child was admitted to the Farm School. Where known, a place of birth has been added.

Finally, where there is a known date of arrival in South Africa, this has been noted, together with the ship the boy sailed on.

Birth/Admitted to School/emigration date (if known):

1. Ayton William 1842/1.8.1853
2. Baigent Alfred Thomas born 2.6.1872 (London)/admitted to school 19.3.1888
3. Bloomfield (real name Bailey) George (real name Alfred) 15.9.1842 27.10.1858
4. Bathe George William 12.7.1847 (Plumstead, Kent)/16.11.1861/to Natal 10.1865
5. Berridge Robert James 28.6.1864 (Rotherhithe, Surrey)/25.12.1879/to Natal 10.4.1883 Kinfauns Castle
6. Brian alias Hill Thomas 1847/27.10.1860
7. Broadley John 1841/17.3.1854
8. Carr Samuel 1852/16.4.1866
9. Chidgey Joseph 4.11.1846/18.1.1861
10. Cockbill James 1.9.1862 (Westminster)/2.7.1878/to S Africa 23 2 1882 Anglian
11. Cosford George 10.3.1867 (Derby)/5.5.1879/to Natal 11.4.1884 Drummond Castle
12. Dixon John Henry 5.7.1866/29.6.1881/to Natal 28.6.1884 Mexican
13. Dongworth Henry 4.5.1846/29.5.1857/to Natal 1861 William Ackers
14. Dudderidge Charles 9.1.1849/28.3.1861
15. Eary George 1840/20.6.1854
16. Edgell John 18.10.1849/26.12.1861/to Natal 10.1865
17. Freeman (real name Smith) William James 24.11.1876/20.5.1892
18. Friend (real name Hall) John 26.2.1873/22.6.1887
19. Gaiter Hodgson Smith 27.1.1866 (Wellington, Shropshire)/21.7.1879/to S Africa 27 5 1884 Hawarden Castle
20. Hale William 1865 (Radstock, Somerset)/2.2.1878/ to S Africa 23 2 1882 Anglian
21. Harmsworth George James 27.2.1866 n(Clapton, Middx)/15.3.1879 to S Africa 27 5 1884 Hawarden Castle
22. Harris William (Benjn Geo Chas) 16.4.1863 (Millwall, Essex)/21.5.1879/to Natal 10.4.1883 Kinfauns Castle
23. Hoffmann Arthur 7.1.1866 /27.8.1881/to S Africa 27 8 1884 Tartar
24. Horn (real name Murphy) William 1866 (Dover, Kent)/6.5.1880/to Natal 10.4.1883 Kinfauns Castle
25. Jones George Henry 1846/22.11.1860
26. Keynton Laurence 1846/13.10.1860
27. King Thomas John 1865 (Rochester, Kent)/12.4.1879/to Natal 11.4.1884 Drummond Castle
28. Kirk John 1846/27.7.1858
29. Lamas James 1850/31.10.1866
30. Leatham Henry George Milton 1862/20.9.1875
31. Long Maurice 28.10.1858/9.12.1872
32. Lovett John 22.3.1842/6.7.1853
33. Marsh William 2.1.1864 (London)/20.4.1880/to Natal 11.4.1884 Drummond Castle
34. McCarthy Michael 30.9.1866 (Kensal New Town, Middx)/30.3.1881/to Natal 11.4.1884 Drummond Castle
35. Moore Henry 2.7.1859/11.3.1873
36. Murphy James 1848/8.2.1860

To be continued.

Guest post from researcher Peter Bathe.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Names of Redhill emigrants to Port Elizabeth

Peter Bathe’s list of emigrants to Port Elizabeth from the Redhill Farm School, Surrey:

Note: the first date by each name is date of birth and the second, date of admission to the school.

1. Clarke William 25.5.1834 17.3.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
2. Donovan Cornelius 6.5.1835 11.10.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth per 'Pestongue Bomanzie'
3. Dunkley Henry 1832 23.12.1846 Birth given as July, to Port Elizabeth then returned
4. Fossett George 1833 27.10.1847 To Port Elizabeth, age given as 14
5. Gould James 1832 25.11.1847 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, age given as 15
6. Hallworth William 28.5.1838 21.5.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
7. Halpin Joseph 1836 4.11.1847 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, age given as 11
8. Hulme James 1.5.1833 12.8.1848 To Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony
9. Hurley Dennis 1835 4.8.1848 To Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony,
10. James George 1833 29.1.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth,
11. Johns Isaac 1833 27.10.1847 To Port Elizabeth,
12. Jones James 1834 27.10.1847 To Port Elizabeth,
13. Kennerley Samuel 1832 21.10.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope,
14. Ladsom William Broad 10.2.1835 31.8.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
15. Littleford Robt I (sic) 27.1.1834 20.1.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
16. Mahoney Thomas 20.1.1847 To Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony,
17. Morey John 1834 15.5.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth,
18. Robson Matthew Mitchell 27.6.1834 26.8.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony
19. Rogers Wm (sic) Albert 1839 13.11.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
20. Ryan Edward 1833 11.12.1847 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth,
21. Sayle William 1831 25.8.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony,
22. Spurr Henry 1833 15.1.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth
23. Stanley William 22.3.1834 30.10.1848 An orphan, emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony
24. Taylor Thomas 1832 17.1.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth,
25. Tootall William 25.11.1847 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, age given as 15
26. Turnock Joseph 1832 29.7.1848 To Port Elizabeth,
27. Walduck alias Cox Robert 1831 18.11.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope
28  Webb John 1834 10.2.1847 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope,
29. Whitebrook John 27.6.1834 13.6.1848 Emigrated to Port Elizabeth

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More emigrants from Redhill Farm School, Surrey

After further research, Peter Bathe can now offer additional information on Redhill Farm School emigrants. He reports:

There were 29 ex Redhill boys who emigrated to Port Elizabeth, all of whom came to the school in 1847 or 1848, and so probably emigrated between 1850 and 1853. After then, the boys were noted as having emigrated to Natal and then, in the 1880s, more generally as 'to South Africa'.

The popularity of southern Africa as a destination for the boys waxed and waned. Of the boys who were admitted to the school between February 1852 and June 1856, 13 went to Natal (probably arriving between 1855 and 1861).

No boy from the next three years’ intakes was sent to Natal, but seven of those admitted between May 1857 and December 1858 did (including Henry Dongworth, admitted May 1857, arrived Natal 1861).
Again there was a gap when none of the boys admitted in 1859 went but then 12 from January 1860 to December 1861 admissions sailed for Natal (including George Bathe, admitted November 1861, emigrated October 1865)

Two boys from the 1866 intake and six of those admitted to the school between December 1872 and September 1875 went to Natal or were noted as having gone to South Africa. (This last group would have arrived between 1875 and 1880)

The biggest migration occurred in the period 1882 to 1884. A total of 26 boys who had entered the school between February 1877 and September 1881 went to Natal in seven groups – and these are all listed in the database currently in process of development by eGGSA i.e. the Passenger List Project.
See previous post

After this period, emigration to South Africa tailed off, with only four more boys going, one each from the intakes of 1887, 88, 89 and 92.

Names of Redhill boys who emigrated to Port Elizabeth will follow in a future post.

Redhill, Surrey: the Philanthropic Society's Farm School
for the reformation of juvenile offenders

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seeking SA ancestors on NAAIRS

For family historians who haven’t used NAAIRS before, it’s well worth reading the on-site introductory pages which explain information categories, source codes, acronyms and tips for structuring searches. The Help pages give user-friendly instructions for Getting Started, Searching, Selecting a Database, Saving Queries etc, plus a list of FAQ.

Before you begin the search, have some basic family history details handy: the ancestor’s name, location if known (i.e. Cape, Natal etc), an approximate date parameter, and any extra facts which would assist in identifying an individual on the index, such as an unusual middle name or a spouse’s forename or maiden name. This is essential when looking for a John Smith or Joe Brown, to avoid an avalanche of hits. As with any search, always try variant spellings of a surname.

If you find no reference to your ancestor on NAAIRS don’t jump to the conclusion that he never came to South Africa. He may simply have remained invisible as far as public records were concerned. Possible reasons for that are many and varied.

The colonies often provided an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and an emigrant may have used an alias. This would effectively mask his identity in the records and imaginative search options might be needed: e.g. he could have taken his mother’s maiden name.

Access NAAIRS at